#1 on Youtube Trending – Ending “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” Video

On Sunday, PewdiePie uploaded a video calling for an end to the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” movement and meme. The video is currently #1 trending on the platform. In the video, PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) said his name being associated with the New Zealand shooting in Christchurch – an act that he condemned and called “unspeakably vile” – has affected him more than he has let on. “I just didn’t want to address it right way. I didn’t want to give the terrorists any more attention. I didn’t want to make it about me” Kjellberg said in his video. Pewds also said he would be removing his two diss-track videos about his rivalry with the Bollywood Channel T-series. He reiterated the videos were made in fun, ironic jest and were not made to be taken seriously. Now, high court in India has blocked the two diss-track videos. “This was all made to be fun but it’s clearly not fun anymore. It’s clearly gone too far and out of respect for that I’m going to keep the videos blocked.”

Fans reacted on social media in agreement it was time for the meme to end.

PewDiePie has faced a lot of criticism from media outlets and others on social media in reaction to the behavior of some of his supporters and fans. PewdiePie has condemned this behavior “Something I learned and hopefully something people can understand is when you have 90 million all riled up about something, you’re bound to get some degenerates.