X-Files Pilot Rewatch September 10 2018 9pm est #xfpilot25years

X-Files Pilot Rewatch

Join us on Monday September 10, 2018. Follow Laurice and Walter on Twitter and use hashtag #xfpilot25years

Walter become a fan 25 years ago. September 10, 1993. Laurice joined by season 4 but quickly caught up before the 1998 movie. Together with a small army of fan, now friends for life, they become the Duchovniacs.

FYI If this website seems a little thin, we got hacked. While a lot of our content is video on youtube and podcasts via soundcloud, 1000s of hours of blogging has been lost. Lessons learned we are starting over but not form scratch. Follow us on various platforms for our original content as well as coverage of comic cons and other events. We specialize in all things X-Files and projects form their alumni, including David Duchovny’s original music and novels. But we love to report back on movies, TV, concerts and more form dozens of franchises as well as pumping up new artists and program.

More to come ASAP